LT Youth Info

In our club, Youth is considered any player in grades 3 - 8.

Registration is now open!

We are now offering 3 programs for our Youth Players! See below . .


Free One day intro to Lacrosse - September 18, 2022 12-1pm. LTHS Annex Field

Receive a free introductory lesson to lacrosse on us! We'll provide the equipment.
Register Here: LTYA Youth Lacrosse Registration


Lift Off to Lacrosse

New to Lacrosse? Want to try out the sport before committing to an entire season? Our liftoff sessions are for you. We are offering 3 one hour sessions for $150 in October to introduce young players to the game. Register here to claim your spot: LTYA Youth Lacrosse Registration


Fall Lacrosse Season

We welcome existing players and those who know lacrosse is for them! Our fall program is based on skills building and fundamentals. Fall will include 10 one hour practices with a fun play day scheduled at the end. This program is for beginners, intermediate and advanced skill levels. Click here for more details and to register: LTYA Youth Lacrosse Registration

The equipment is simple:

Lacrosse is growing all over the country and that is especially true for women's Lacrosse. As the women's game continues to grow, so do your options for girls' lacrosse clothing, protective equipment, and gear. We are going to keep it simple to get started:

  • The stick, or crosse

  • Eye protection, or goggles

  • Mouth guard

Helpful Videos for Rules Updates

Our Youth Team is always looking for new players and those interested in picking up a stick and trying it out. Send us an email so we can welcome you out to the field!

Select Teams

If you are interested in joining a travel team, the following travel/select team is located in the Austin Area.

Grit Lacrosse