Welcome Family and Friends of Lake Travis Girls Lacrosse

That past 10 years has seen the sport of Lacrosse recognized as one of the fastest growing team sports in the country!  

Our club was formed in 2014 when we fielded our first teams.  In the years since, we have grown and over 180 athletes have gone through a program that has been intended from the beginning to build lifelong skills of self confidence, cooperation, and commitment to teamwork.   We now field 5 teams consisting of three youth and two high school level teams.

Lake Travis Girls Lacrosse is

The Club is an independent association and responsible for all costs of the program.  We depend on the support of generous family, friends, and community to keep the program health and growing.

With your generous support, we will be able to continue the amazing growth of the program and create opportunities for these competitive young women. 


Lake Travis Girls Lacrosse Association

Information about the Club and your donation:

Lake Travis Girls Lacrosse Association

Tax Identification Number: 84-2195042

IRS Letter: 501(c)(3)