Lady Cavs Lotto

Background . . .

Unfortunately, Texas does not recognize lacrosse as a sport in terms of state funding.  The upside to this means we can choose our own coaching staff, choose whom we want to play against and what tournaments we want to participate in.  The downside of course is that we have to fund our sport entirely on our own.  Our Lake Travis Girls Lacrosse program has grown by leaps and bounds since inception (formally created in 2019) and is producing athletes who are now playing lacrosse at the collegiate level!  This caliber of play does require significant funding.  While our annual dues gets us most of the way there, we need to participate in fundraisers like this one to help bridge the gap.

What is Lady Cavs Lotto. . .

We're bringing  a bit of Vegas to our part of Texas.  You start by purchasing a lotto ticket which are $20/each.  With each ticket purchase, you are given two Lucky Lotto Numbers.   You have from January 9th - January 29th to purchase tickets.  There is no maximum amount of tickets you can purchase.  Beginning January 30th, Lake Travis Girls Lacrosse will use the Texas Lottery Pick 3 - evening number ( as the winning number.  The winning number wins the daily payout.  The first day the lucky number wins $100.  The full payout schedule is listed below.  Once a number is drawn, that number is dead for the remainder of the fundraiser.  However, all unpicked numbers are fair game to be drawn from 01/30/23 - 02/11/23.  Keep your lottery tickets on hand for the entire Lady Cavs Lotto fundraiser (1/30 - 2/11).  With each ticket purchase, you have TWO chances to win each day.  There are a total of 12 days of payouts with the grand prize being $1,000 paid on February 11th, 2023 - just in time for your Super Bowl square picks the following day!  The more tickets you purchase, the greater the chance of winning.

Payout Schedule

01/30/2023 -  $100 - Winning Ticket #612

01/31/2023 -  $100 - Winning Ticket #111

02/01/2023  -  $100 - Winning Ticket #062

02/02/2023  -  $100 - Winning Ticket #048

02/03/2023  -  $100 - Winning Ticket #420

02/04/2023  -  $500 - Winning Ticket # 641

02/06/2023  -  $250 - Winning Ticket #023

02/07/2023  -  $250 - Winning Ticket #682

02/08/2023  -  $250 - Winning Ticket #781

02/09/2023  -  $250 - Winning Ticket #679

02/10/2023  -  $250 - Winning Ticket #518

02/11/2023 -  $1,000 - Winning Ticket #662

Winners will be announced daily via email   See below for ticket example.

Lottery Ticket Example

With this ticket, as an example, the ticket holder's lucky numbers are numbers 589 and 200 found in the upper and lower portions of the ticket.  Lake Travis Girls Lacrosse Association keeps the upper portion, while you keep the bottom portion.  Each evening, LTGLA will announce the daily winner taken from the Texas Lottery Pick 3 - evening number.  If number 589 is chosen one evening, you win the daily amount! Keep your ticket!  Number 200 is still active and can still be chosen for the remainder of the fundraiser from January 30th - February 11th, 2023.

How to purchase tickets:

Tickets can be purchased in person from one of our players starting January 9th.   Payment can be made in the form of cash or check.  Please make checks out to Lake Travis Girls Lacrosse Association.

The window to purchase tickets is January 9th - January 29th, 2023.  

Reference Occupations Code :  Title 13. Sports, Amusements, and Entertainment, Subtitle A, Gaming, Chapter 2002.  Charitable Raffles

Lake Travis Girls Lacrosse Association is a registered 501(c)3.  Ticket purchases are considered donations to the club.  A receipt will be given for tax purposes.